All good in the hood

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn motorists are being invited to give back to their community by taking part in Z Energy’s annual nationwide community funding programme, Good in the Hood, during the month of May.

Good in the Hood, which runs for the month of May gives over a million dollars every year to around 800 Kiwi groups doing good for people or the environment in the areas around the country’s 200-plus Z service stations.

Every Z service station has chosen four groups in their own neighbourhoods to support in 2018 and will share $4,000 between them.

Locals will determine what percentage of the funding goes to each group by voting with an orange token each time they shop at Z in May. Z Community Manager, Gerri Ward, said the need each group is addressing will be labelled on the voting booths, so locals can clearly see the impact the funding will have.

“The needs identified by groups in 2018 range from reducing food waste and feeding the hungry, to reducing illegal rubbish dumping in our creeks, to providing emergency air services and saving local lives.

“Good in the Hood gives the local service stations the choice of which groups to support, to help ensure that local needs are addressed.”

On top of the $4,000 in May, every Z service station has an additional $1,000 to use for discretionary Good in the Hood neighbourhood support in 2018. 

Voting runs for the month of May and to find out more about Good in the Hood, visit