Cloud-based farm information system

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn-based dairy company Synlait Milk has partnered with farm software company FarmIQ Systems to provide certified Lead With Pride dairy farmers with a cloud-based farm information system.

Synlait’s Lead With Pride programme recognises and financially rewards suppliers who achieve dairy farming best practice, and guarantees the integrity of pure natural milk produced on certified dairy farms.

Synlait’s CEO and managing director, John Penno, said: “Lead With Pride enables our world-leading health and nutrition customers to differentiate their products as having absolute integrity and superior quality as well as being sustainably produced — critical in a competitive marketplace.

“Keeping records in the cloud creates the opportunity for data to drive timely, accurate and more informed decisions on-farm in a heartbeat,” Mr Penno said.

He said removing the need for paper-based records also brings benefits in terms of system efficiencies and greater access to information.

“It’s very easy to create data — but it’s much harder to do something valuable with it.”

FarmIQ Systems CEO, Darryn Pegram, said they are delighted to be partnering with Synlait to help farmers gain even more value from Synlait’s Lead With Pride programme.

“FarmIQ’s software makes it easier for farmers to record their activities and provides useful, real-time insights to help them make better decisions,” Mr Pegram said.

“We expect this initiative to bring Synlait closer to their farmers and to strengthen their enviable integrated supply chain.”

As well as using the new system to capture specified dairy farm information, certified Lead With Pride farmers can also choose to add further information, allowing them to tailor it to their needs.

“Our farmers will have a more robust way to capture farm information, and this will ultimately deliver better performance across a wide range of farm activities,” Synlait’s milk supply manager, David Williams said.

“Beyond their individual farm, they will also be able to benchmark against other farms through comparable aggregated data. The extra insight is something they can actually use and benefit from every day.”

He said as well as covering the subscription fee for the FarmIQ Dairy+ pack, Synlait is investing in development of the software to address specific Lead With Pride requirements.

“Ultimately, adding these features into Farm IQ’s system will further improve the transparency of our value chain and builds on our commitment to add value and differentiate milk behind the farm gate,” Mr Williams said.

The new software system, which includes a mobile app, will be available later in 2018.