World leading technology for Selwyn

by Anonymous Author

A new tyre recycling plant in Rolleston is at the cutting edge of recycling technology.

Selwyn District Council has agreed to lease a site at its Pines Resource Recovery Park in Rolleston to Canterbury company Eneform Ltd, for a pyrolysis plant to recycle end-of-life tyres and plastics.

Eneform plans to establish a plant using an enclosed pyrolysis process, which would initially process end-of-life tyres but would have capacity to also accept plastics in the future.

Council’s assets manager, Murray Washington, said the proposal is an exciting opportunity for Selwyn to be a world leader in green technology.

“This initiative is positive for both our community and for the environment,” Mr Washington said.

“The issue of waste tyres is a huge issue around the world, with growing stockpiles and the risk of environmental damage.”

He said the Eneform proposal offers a way of dealing with that issue using an innovative, clean and safe technology.

“Not only will the process effectively and safely recycle end-of-life tyres, it will also extract valuable resources that can be used in place of fossil fuels.

“For the community, the plant will help create employment and business growth, and provide education opportunities for visitors to the Resource Recovery Park.”

Mr Washington said the proposed plant is consistent with the operations of the Resource Recovery Park, and will make a significant contribution to the objectives of a clean environment and a healthy community.