Student says go for it

by Mike Isle

Harriet Watson is making the most of her first semester at Lincoln University, and early signs point to New Zealand primary industry being the ultimate beneficiary.

The eighteen-year-old former Darfield High School student is majoring in agribusiness and food marketing. After graduation, her plan is to work in the primary sector, helping shift the focus from primarily commodity-based products to value-added products.

“Obviously, the New Zealand agricultural industry is really important to the economy, so being part of that is my ultimate goal, really — helping overcome the challenges heading our way,” she said.

Ms Watson’s start at university received what she describes as a huge boost in her last year at Darfield High School, when she successfully applied for two scholarships — the Future Leaders Scholarship at Lincoln University and the New Zealand Meat Industry Association Scholarship. She was also granted a further and separate scholarship, the Elizabeth Richards Trust, by the school.

She said she and her parents, Tony and Sarah, learned of her scholarship successes in the final months leading up to Christmas when she had already committed to her courses at Lincoln University. 

“We were all really stoked when we heard. It came as a nice Christmas surprise, and I was glad I was able to share it with my parents.”

Ms Watson, who now lives in the university halls of residence but returns to home in Sandy Knolls for the holidays, described life at Lincoln as a really cool learning environment, and the multi-scholarship student had a message for those coming up behind her.

“There are so many opportunities for young people coming out of school, more than I ever knew. So, my advice would be to find them, apply for them, and go for it.

“You never know where they could take you.”