Prison houses impress

by Mike Isle

Housing Minister Phil Twyford is impressed with the quality of Housing New Zealand homes restored or rebuilt at Christchurch Men’s Prison at  Rolleston.

The minister visited Christchurch to inspect one of the houses and to meet with Amber, a HNZC tenant who is happy and grateful to have been offered the restored house.

Amber describes the house as providing a warm and comfortable place for her family to call home.

Her home is one of dozens built by prisoners in a specially designed construction yard at the prison in Rolleston.

The programme was viewed as “a win-win’’ by the minister. “Prisoners gain valuable skills and qualifications while the restored homes are returned to boost the state housing portfolio across greater Christchurch,” he said.

Amber, who lives with her four-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, moved into the house late last year.

The minister said he was pleased the house had helped provide much-needed stability for Amber and her family.