Selwyn broadband data use on the rise

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn households are consuming much more broadband data than last year according to figures released by New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company Chorus.

The average Selwyn home used 133GB of broadband data in March 2018 compared to 109GB in 2017, a 22 per cent increase.

Chorus network strategy manager, Kurt Rodgers, said the increase in broadband use is driven by surging demand for streaming services such as Netflix.

“These figures really demonstrate that faster broadband is an integral part of many New Zealanders’ day-to-day lives,” Mr Rodgers said.

“Many Kiwi homes now have several connected devices going at any one time.

“We’re using far more data and requiring faster and more reliable broadband speeds. People’s viewing habits have shifted online. It’s now very mainstream to watch television shows and movies via an app on a smart television or tablet.

“With faster broadband, it means you can potentially have each member of a household streaming a programme on a different device all at the same time, without facing long delays or frustrating buffering.”

Nationally, the average New Zealand home used about 139GB of broadband data in March 2017 — this figure sits at 185GB for March 2018, showing more than a 30 per cent increase.

Mr Rodgers said with the way broadband data is used now, broadband plans with data caps are no longer practical.