Kinetic sculpture in West Melton

by Kent Caddick

Sharp-eyed West Melton residents have been admiring a kinetic sculpture adorning the local school.

The sculpture is the work of pupil Otis, and follows on from a presentation to the school’s year five and six pupils on the engineering of sculptures by Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers director, Helen Trappitt, in 2016, which was held in conjunction with teachers Jo Buckenham and Bronwen Seaward. 

From this presentation, Ms Trappitt set up a design competition with the support of principal Sue Jackson. 

Students produced drawings or prototypes, and a group of finalists presented their designs to Helen Trappitt and Sue Jackson for judging. 

Otis’s design was selected as the winner. 

Ms Trappitt project managed, engineered and partly funded the fabrication of the sculpture. Prometal cut the design, while Placemakers Hornby supplied the support structure materials. 

Cam Seaward coordinated the team from Avon City Ford Panel and Paint, who gave the sculpture a professional paint job to withstand the elements, and Simon Scarlett, from builders LSDC, installed it on the roof of the school. 

Otis is pretty pleased with the result. “I feel really proud when I see it up there, hopefully it gets windy enough to spin the W and M,” he said. 

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, and would like to thank everyone involved, especially Helen, Cam and Mrs Jackson.