Death a warning

by Anonymous Author

The Firearms Safety Council is warning Selwyn hunters to play it safe.

The warning follows the death of a 57-year-old hunter who was killed while hunting the Kaimai Range forest near Te Aroha. 

Chair of the Firearms Safety Council, Joe Green, said the death of the hunter was a tragedy and sadly a timely reminder to all hunters that they need to take special care when hunting. 

“While all of the seven basic rules of firearms safety in the Arms Code apply, there are two of those rules that especially apply at this time,” Mr Green said. 

“Always ensure your firearm is pointed in a safe direction. This includes when hunting with a companion and if you lose sight of your companion. You both need to stop hunting until you have reestablished contact. 

“No direction is a safe direction, simply because you don’t know where your mate is. Even if you think you see a deer, it could be your mate.” 

Mr Green said in the past, incidents have often been attributed solely to hunters failing to identify their target. 

“In about 50% of cases, the hunter shoots a mate they are actually hunting with. They’ve become separated and lost track of each other. 

“It also remains important to identify your target beyond all doubt. Never shoot at shape, colour, movement or sound as any of these could be a person.”