Up for the challenge

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn residents have the opportunity to win in their own local Commonwealth Games Challenge this month.

The Lincoln Event Centre, Rolleston Community Centre, and Selwyn Aquatic Centre are holding a Commonwealth Games Challenge to celebrate the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and raise awareness of fitness opportunities here in Selwyn.

As well, a variety of fitness-inspired exercise gear and accessories will be offered as prizes.

Selwyn District Council’s senior events and recreation adviser, Dave Tippett, said the Games Challenge is a chance for existing or new customers to be rewarded for attending fitness classes or swimming at the pool. 

“We encourage people to push themselves and participate in the challenge. If people have been thinking about trying something new, this is a great opportunity to jump in to a fitness class or to get back in the pool.”

The Challenge will take place during the Commonwealth Games, from Wednesday, April 4 through to Sunday, April 15. Mr Tippet said to take part, people can collect a Commonwealth Games Challenge card from any of the participating facilities.

“Attend an exercise class or have a swim to get a podium level on the card signed off by facility staff. Sign off as many podium levels as possible and enter into either the Gold, Silver or Bronze draw to be in to win.”

Normal class and pool entry prices apply. For facility timetables go to selwyn.govt.nz.