New pedestrian bridge for Lincoln

by Anonymous Author

One of the longest pedestrian bridges in the Selwyn district has been opened.

The new timber bridge in the Lincoln Esplanade Reserve, which crosses the Liffey Stream between Esplanade Reserve land south of Moffat Drive and Ryelands Drive, has been built by the Selwyn District Council.Council’s land development project manager, Phil Millar, said the new bridge is a wonderful addition to Lincoln’s network of walkways.

“Get your walking shoes on and go for a walk over Lincoln’s new bridge and along the Esplanade Reserve. The views from the bridge of the Liffey are breathtaking,” Mr Millar said. 

Lincoln Community Committee member, Lindsay Wilson, said the committee is delighted to have the bridge installed and open to the public. 

“The committee has been hugely supportive of the construction of the bridge and the improved access to the Liffey,” Mr Wilson said. “We encourage the public to see and walk across it.”

The bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the Selwyn district, having a 20 metre central span (the distance between two intermediate supports for a structure) and 32m in length in total.