Aylesbury hosts vintage machines

by Kent Caddick

Aylesbury played host to the New Zealand Vintage Machinery Club’s 20th anniversary meeting recently.

The club, which is based at McLean’s Island near Christchurch, previously held meetings in the Kirwee, with displays of vintage machinery in 2002 and 2004.

The 2018 event, held over two days on the Brookers farm on Highfield Road in Aylesbury, featured a huge display of all things vintage, from steam engines, tractors and trucks, to stationary engines and many other machinery.

Event coordinator, Rae Horn, said they were pleased with the way the weekend went despite the bad weather.

“We had over 650 machines on display, including 10 steam engines and 10 fire trucks,” Mrs Horn said.

“They came from all over the South Island, as well as from Taranaki and Gisborne, which just shows how passionate these people are.

“The feedback I have had from our members has really been positive; so using that as a measure I would say the event was a success.”

A couple of New Zealand Vintage Machinery Club members take 
time out for a tea break.

Even vintage buses made an appearance at the show

A steam engine fires up