Ready for cooler weather

by Anonymous Author

Winter is looming and while it has not yet made itself felt to any great extent, lower temperatures are not far away and it’s good time to be looking at keeping in the warmth in your home.

Good quality, well installed insulation makes your house easier and cheaper to heat properly, and more comfortable and healthy to live in.

Many New Zealand houses have insufficient ceiling or underfloor insulation and even existing insulation can move or become less effective over time.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority — the EECA — recommends using a qualified professional to install or upgrade your insulation, as even small faults in how the insulation is installed can compromise its performance.

As always — a computer is an easy first step.

The Insulation Association of New Zealand has a list of insulation installers that have gone through the association’s training for installing ceiling and underfloor insulation.
Grants are available through Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes for low-income owner-occupiers and tenants. You may qualify for a grant if:
The house was built before the year 2000, and you own and occupy the home and have a Community Services Card, or
You are a landlord and your named tenant has a Community Services Card.

Grants are also available for low-income households and tenants with high health needs if:
Your income is just above Community Services Card level and you have high health needs related to cold, damp housing, or You are referred by the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Homes programme.
Properties owned by a government agency do not qualify for the programme.

To register your interest in the programme and find out if you qualify, contact an insulation service provider in your area. Some local councils and banks have payment options available to help with the cost of installing insulation and heating.

Of course, in the colder South Island, home heating is also a winter necessity. Now is the time to ensure you are prepared, with supplies for your certified wood burner or oil heating and also that heat pumps or other heating appliances are in good working order.