Rolleston town centre plan revealed

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn District Council has approved a plan outlining the broad location of key elements in the proposed new Rolleston Town Centre.

A master plan for Rolleston town centre was adopted by the council in 2014, after extensive community consultation.

The new Bulk and Location Plan sets out a vision for a town centre, located on what is currently part of Rolleston Reserve, showing where the various elements of the proposed town centre should be located.

Council’s major projects property manager, John Reid, said the location plan offers a number of key advantages.

“It clearly gives prominence to the library and community space as the anchor activity for the town centre,” Mr Reid said.

“This has always been the primary focus of the plan — it’s about enhancing our community space, so it takes priority.

“An exciting part of the location plan is that it ensures library users will enjoy magnificent elevated views out to both the Southern Alps and the Port Hills, while also enjoying a sheltered frontage on to the reserve.

“The retail and commercial activity is there to complement the community space, and add vibrancy and attraction to the area.

“The plan also provides for open, walkable pedestrian spaces with car parking around the edges of the area.”

The town centre includes four key components — the new Rolleston Library and Community Centre, a town square, a commercial and retail area including food and beverage outlets, and transportation and service linkages.

The recommended plan sees the library and community centre located at the key corner of the reserve and Tennyson Street, with direct pedestrian access to car parking in Moore Street.
The retail activity in the town centre is envisaged to include a mix of smaller businesses and medium format operations. Retail areas will be double-fronted to avoid ‘backs’ along laneways and pedestrian spaces.

The town square, which provides a formal outdoor gathering space, is located between the library and community centre and the retail and hospitality areas.

Space is also provided within the location plan for a cinema complex, adjacent to the community centre.

“The final mix of commercial, retail and entertainment activity, however, will be dependent on negotiations with developers and prospective operators.”

Mr Reid said the next stage will be to begin detailed designs for the key elements.
The first major project will be the new library and community centre — a 2,200 square metre facility, which is planned to be opened in late 2019.

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