Pests be gone

by Anonymous Author

Protecting your property from the spread of pests and diseases can seem like a big job; but there are a few simple methods you can take to decrease the risk.

On-farm biosecurity is the responsibility of the landowner and everyone who visits or works on the property.

Pests and diseases are spread by movement of humans and animals, machinery, equipment and contaminated feed or seed.

Managing these risks starts with checking footwear and clothing of those entering the property. It also helps to provide facilities for people to wash their hands and boots with wash basins or foot baths. You might like to consider including the importance of biosecurity in your induction as you would do with health and safety.

It’s also wise to limit the access point to your farm, so you can control who comes and goes. Signs at these entrance ways detailing the biosecurity measures are available from Environment Canterbury.
If you are bringing new livestock onto the property check if there were diseases or pests on the farm they have come from. Isolate new animals in a field for 21 days and only take healthy animals to shows and sales.

When choosing seed make sure to only buy certified. This way you limit the risk of bringing in unwanted diseases and pests onto your property.

Following these simple steps means you can rest easy, knowing you have done everything in your power to protect your most valuable asset.