Visitor numbers boost growth

by Anonymous Author

Growing numbers of visitors to Selwyn has helped the district’s economy to strengthen during the latter part of 2017 according to economic analysts Infometrics.

The latest Infometrics quarterly economic monitor showed Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the Selwyn district of 3.9% in the December 2017 year, up from 2.2% six months earlier and well above the national average of 2.8%.

Selwyn Mayor, Sam Broughton, said it was encouraging to see the district’s economy maturing and growing at a steady rate across different sectors and markets.

“Our strength of business in Selwyn continues along its positive trajectory with consumer spending trending upward, along with an increase in visitors to the district and more local jobs being created,” he said.

Electronic card transaction data shows retail spending in Selwyn grew by 13% in the December 2017 year, with the national average at 4.3%.

According to Infometrics’ data visitor expenditure grew by 14%, more than double the national average increase of 6.4%. Total tourism expenditure was about $102m in Selwyn during the year to December 2017, up from $89m a year ago. 

The number of residential building consents in Selwyn was little changed from 2016, although in the final three months of last year there were 217 consents granted compared with 290 in the same quarter the previous year.

Selwyn District Council’s statistics show consent application numbers dropped slightly by about 20 applications a month.