Malvern A&P Association: A brief history

by Anonymous Author

The Malvern Agricultural and Pastoral Association’s annual show has its birth in the formation of a farmers’ club at Russell’s Flat in the late 1890s, organised by an early settler, John Traves.

The club had started conducting social functions and eventually organised competitions of various descriptions as forms of entertainment and on May 4, 1899 the club held a foal and produce show in a paddock by the school at Russell’s Flat.

The following year, another show was held in April where there were 228 entries, as well as the first ‘trade exhibit’ – a Massey Harris cultivator equipped with a grass seed or grain sowing box. 

By 1903, the show had grown in every way, so it was decided to move the event to Annat, which allowed the exhibitors and spectators the full benefit of the railway facility. Annat was also regarded as a more central location for the area.

The show was held in the Annat school grounds in 1903 and 1904.

The Malvern Agricultural and Pastoral Association was formed in 1905 and the show was shifted to the Sheffield Domain, where it has remained to this day.

Mr F Bull was the first president of the association and Mr G F Wright, the secretary. Mr Wright was to hold the secretary’s position for six shows and was president in 1913.

The Sheffield Domain afforded more space than the other locations, although there weren’t many facilities.

There existed the frame of a building on the domain and this was covered with tarpaulins and used as a produce shed on show day. A more permanent produce shed was erected in 1911. When the new Fletcher shed was erected in 1980-81, the old produce shed was demolished. Another building was used as a pavilion for the sports clubs and as a show office until the first permanent pavilion was opened in 1924. A new pavilion was constructed and opened in July 1977.