Intersection safety awareness campaign kicks off

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn motorists are being reminded of the need to take care at intersections through a new Selwyn District Council road safety campaign.

The ‘What’s the cost’ campaign aims to raise awareness by profiling the price of failing to stop or give way at intersections.

Of the crashes in Selwyn, 40% take place at intersections. From 2013 to 2017, 571 crashes occurred at intersections within the district, and of these 216 crashes involved an injury, with eight fatalities recorded.

In Selwyn 61% of intersection crashes are caused by failing to stop or give way. Poor driver observation is a factor in 49% of all intersection crashes.

Senior Sergeant Pete Stills of the New Zealand Police said stopping means a vehicle’s wheels do not move at all.

“We encourage people to come to a complete stop, to not start looking until after they have stopped and to have a good hard look to ensure that if there is a motorcycle or a dark coloured vehicle they see it.

“We encourage people to travel with their lights on to make sure they are visible to others,” he says.

Senior Sergeant Stills, said Selwyn Police will be supporting the ‘What’s the cost’ campaign by monitoring intersections and will be issuing tickets and demerits to motorists who fail to stop or give way at intersections.