Collectors wanted

by Anonymous Author

The Returned and Services Association (RSA) is looking for people in Selwyn who can assist with this year’s annual Poppy Day collection.

The annual fundraiser will this year be held on Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21, with money raised from the event going to assist former and current service men and women, and their families. Templeton RSA Poppy Day coordinator, David Sands, said many of their older members are willing, but advancing years make it very difficult for them to collect for extended periods.

“What we are looking for are people who could devote a couple of hours a day to man one of our collecting points, particularly in Rolleston,” Mr Sands said.

“We will give them training in what to do, what not to do and what they can was also drawing large numbers.

“The distribution of the funds is done by an independent body, so is transparent, and the funds can be used to help with medical issues like PTSD or perhaps for education purposes.”

He said they have a number of collecting points in Rolleston, which they need help with, but can also help people who want to be involved in collecting in other areas of Selwyn.

People wanting to help out can call David Sands on 03 349 0533 or 027 201 7747, or contact the Templeton RSA on 03 349 4701.