Clearview’s cafe the place to meet

by Anonymous Author

Clearview Primary has opened an onsite cafe as a place for staff and students to socialise, and even visitors to the school are welcome.

Called Five to Nine, the new cafe, which opened at the beginning of the 2018 school year, is described by Clearview’s principal, Rob Rush, as a space for parents, staff, and students to meet, connect, and build healthy relationships in a relaxed and social environment.

“Through our cafe, we aim to create learning opportunities and life skills for our students, strengthen partnerships within and beyond our school community and to build innovation and enterprise,” he said.

“The cafe was built around the Maori value of manaakitanga, which means to be welcoming, hospitable and to show respect.”

Asked why a cafe had been chosen, Mr Rush said that many people like to catch up over the more relaxing offer of food and drink.

“We want to encourage our school community to visit our school and have a place where they feel welcome. 

“Nine to Five is 100 per cent owned by the schoo,l and once the initial set-up costs are covered, all profits from the cafe will go straight back into the school for teaching and learning.”

Mr Rush said the cafe would be open from 8.00am to 10.00am, Monday to Friday and also for school events such as cross-country, athletics and much more. 

The name Five to Nine, is the time the school day starts and a play on the traditional working day: nine to five.