When plans change

by Anonymous Author

Life is unpredictable and with many building and renovating projects things don’t always go to plan.

Here’s what you need to know about amending consented plans.

Often you might find you need to undo parts of the building before you can start your renovations. This can reveal unforeseen circumstances and problems or simply different requirements.

Here it is important to advise your council about how the consent will need to be updated, and whether there will be a delay, or if there needs to be any new inspections or fees.

Before a project is complete, you need to seek satisfaction and sign off from the council, as there may be differences to your project to what was in the original plan.

If you are renovating old buildings, it is important to keep in mind that the tolerances for walls and floor levels may have changed. This could be because of the nature of the materials used, and the effects of time and natural events.

If an exact match can not be found, a rational approach needs to be taken to reach an agreement on the acceptable level of workmanship. 

These levels should be recorded in writing, preferably by noting it within the contract early in the process. This is especially crucial if a building has been through an earthquake, wind, fire or land subsidence.

If you are working on Canterbury’s earthquake-damaged houses check out the Residential guidance, which includes building regulation requirements and acceptable solutions, which can be found at building.govt.nz