Smooth transition

by Andy Bryenton

With over eight million hitting the road since its debut back in the swinging sixties, the Ford Transit van has become one of those brand names like ‘sellotape’ which define a whole concept.

The real deal, however, has continued to evolve with automotive technology, becoming a comfortable and very competent cargo mover with a few neat surprises up its sleeve. 

Now in its fourth very successful generation, the Ford Transit comes in an array of optional configurations, which make it easy to customize for different applications. Courier drivers may love its low loading height and sliding side doors, while engineers opt for double doors on the rear, and those moving whole pallets of goods jump in for a super-high roof and more internal space. Long or short wheelbase, there’s room for everything you need on the job in here, and smart ways to carry it — for example, super-long pipes or ladders can be stowed partially under the passenger seats. Standard boards of timber fit in either upright or stacked. And there’s ample space, with up to 8.29 metres of cargo-friendly, flat deck for your convenience.

All of this — and all those door options, tie-downs and mounting points for boxes and tools — is only south of the cabin, though. Up front, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in one of Ford’s other models, because gone is the day of the strictly utilitarian work van. In both comfort, connectivity, visibility and handling, this van is a match for modern SUVs, and was even suggested as a better alternative to the current crop of European sports utilities on Amazon’s hit car show The Grand Tour.

Why? Well, they weren’t just poking fun at the SUV makers — the Ford Transit really is that comfy on long drives.

And an economical engine provides 6.5 litres per 100 kilometres fuel economy — refreshing and surprising for such a large working machine. Ford have thrown down the gauntlet and stated their intent to become the world’s top seller of light commercials.

Having dusted off the competition in the ute sector, it’s time to consider Ford’s versatile and evergreen van range. The applications and combinations are endless, so your best bet is to talk to your Ford dealer. They can put together the perfect combo of power, comfort, access and space to tailor a Transit to your needs.