Parenting skills taught

by Anonymous Author

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with Presbyterian Support/Family Works is offering a free programme in Rolleston aimed at increasing the parenting skills of parents of three to eight-year-olds.

The programme’s coordinator and one of its two facilitators, Kate Walkinshaw, said the programme, Incredible Years, was a great way for parents to meet and share ideas and ways of managing the ups and downs of parenting children during their most formative years.

Mrs Walkinshaw said parents come together for two and a half hours each week over the 14 week programme and learn new ways to help promote their children’s social and problem-solving skills.

“The programme addresses such challenges as aggressiveness, ongoing tantrums and acting out behaviour,” she said. 

“Parents have stated that the Incredible Years parenting programme has supported them with more skills in their toolbox, and to develop a culture of encouragement and positive praise.

“That spending time to play with children, is very important and supports the child’s social and emotion coaching.” The next Incredible Years programme begins on Monday, March 12 and is held each Monday from 9.30am to 11.45pm at Lemonwood Grove School. Morning tea and weekly resources are provided as part of the programme.

Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. Contact Kate at for details.