Kea crossing improves safety

by Anonymous Author

Kea crossings are operated by trained patrollers,along with an adult supervisor, and have the ability to stop traffic using barrier arms.

Patrollers are taught how to find a safe gap in the traffic flow to swing the stop arms out into, to hold the pedestrians until traffic has stopped, and to release pedestrians to cross once the path is clear.

Senior students from the school trained as road patrollers with school community officer Constable Rick Groen recently.

West Melton Primary School principal, Sue Jackson, said the patrollers learnt how to safely operate the newly installed and much awaited kea crossing to ensure their fellow students and caregivers get across the busy road safely. She said the kea crossing was an opportunity for students to be involved in the community with leadership responsibilities.

“We are delighted to endorse our Safe School Travel Plan by supporting our students in their leadership roles as road patrol monitors, ensuring the safety of the school community as they cross the now busy Weedons Ross Road.”

The kea crossing and footpath extension north on Weedons Ross Road complete the recent shopping centre landscaping and school frontage development.