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As a French aristocrat and owner of a great chateau in the country, author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was no stranger to beautiful gardens.

As a pioneering aviator, however, he was lost in the Sahara Desert, where the idea came to him of a lonely prince living on a tiny planet. The story he wrote after his rescue would go on to be translated into 300 languages, and this month it’s about to be reinterpreted in a garden setting, thanks to the Anthony Harper Summer Theatre production of The Little Prince.

The beloved story will be brought to life at the Christchurch Botanical Gardens on Rolleston Road, with a run lasting all the way through February. With a lush green backdrop in the summer evenings, this free event combines acting, illusions, puppetry and more to tell the story of the Little Prince, a visitor from a tiny asteroid who wants to understand the strange human beings on our planet Earth.

Whimsical and fantastical rather than being rooted in the tradition of science fiction, it’s a tale, which has been beloved by children and parents since the 1940s.

Masterfully enacted by Two Productions, this outdoor event may have been written for younger folks, but adults will also find plenty to enjoy in the warm-hearted plot and clever blend of media used to make it come alive.

Visit for information about the many free shows this month.

Because this is open air theatre, rain may cause cancellations and schedule alterations.