Journey with us toward your perfect home

by Andy Bryenton

When early settlers headed for New Zealand shores over 150 years ago to make a new home, it was the compass, which pointed the way. Today, finding the perfect place to live is less the business of captains and sailors, and more the business of architects and builders. But for one company at least, the compass is still the guiding light pointing toward success.

Compass Homes may be all about timber, concrete and metal, but the real strength of their business lies in 45 years of experience in the building industry, and a hand-picked team who cover every aspect of the process. From the designers who have carefully drawn up over seventy characterful and practical home designs for their catalogue, down to the folks who swing the hammers, run the wires and tighten the fittings, the Compass Homes team come fully qualified and with a formidable set of testimonials from happy customers.

Ask why, and the answer at any of their nationwide locations will be the same — communication. That’s the key to making sure your customers get precisely what they want in any industry, but it’s doubly important when one is talking about what may be a family’s biggest investment — not to mention the place where they raise their children or spend their retirement years. Compass acknowledge that a home is not something bought ‘off the peg’, and that a dialogue is the only way to ensure that all the many facets of construction are perfect — from colours and textures to views, amenities, and personal touches. For this reason Compass offer an online system to track your build, and even invite customers to join them onsite during the construction process for input each step of the way.

After all, communication allows us to exceed expectations — and that makes for happier home owners.

With three building options — timber, concrete and hybrid construction — over the aforementioned seventy architecturally designed plans, Compass Homes are able to offer a wealth of personalisation options. They also deploy those 45 plus years of experience to handle all stages of the process, from advice on securing finance through to consents, and finally deploying a team of master builders to finish the job exactly as you like. As members of the prestigious Master Builders Association, Compass are able to offer one of the most ironclad, long-term guarantees in the business. Our customers benefit from the advantage of a ten year guarantee on all workmanship — a brilliant source of peace of mind.

Right now, Compass Homes are expanding their presence in the Selwyn district, with a new show home now open to view. This showcase of Compass Homes’ skill and design aesthetics may only be one example from among a whole workbook of plans, but a visit to 102 Ledbury drive, in Farringdon, Rolleston (or one of Compass’ two other local show homes) is sure to spark inspiration.

See how modern concrete and aluminium construction techniques can blend with traditional timber to create strong, beautiful living spaces to last the test of time.