cemetery clean-up

by Mike Isle

Families with graves at the Shands Road Cemetery are being asked to have a general tidy-up around their grave site, and to remove any ornaments that extend beyond the site.

It is part of the council’s wish to keep the district’s cemeteries in a condition where all visitors have a respectful and peaceful place to mourn their loved ones. Letters have been sent to the families. A similar request has already been made in relation to the Prebbleton Cemetery, and other cemeteries will follow suit in 2018. 

The council is at pains to point out that it is not asking for the ornaments to be removed — only that they be placed within the grave site itself.

A council spokesman said that to comply with the current Cemetery By-law, all adornments are required to be placed on the concrete beams provided, not on the lawn areas in front or around the plots, meaning people can continue to place adornments on the beams.

“Any items placed on grave surrounds also pose a risk to maintenance for our maintenance contractors such as mowing the lawns.”

The council says that examples of items found on the grassed surrounds include fairy lights, candy canes, extra soil, planted flowers, flower receptacles, cans, and bottles of alcohol that can result in broken glass.