Two’s a crowd pleaser

by Anonymous Author

These days seeing a road-going sidecar motorcycle drive past is a rare sight.

But on the track it’s a different matter.

Sidecar racing came out of the post-war craze for motor sports, and it was a world of thrills without health and safety.

Road-going bikes were chopped down and augmented with what was even at the time called ‘scaffolding’ to allow a team of two to dare tracks built on nowdefunct UK airbases and dirt ovals.

As time went by the machines drew further away from motorcycles as we know them, and the sport became what is is now. That is to say, a highoctane ballet in which two people and a powerful engine combine athletics, daring, acrobatics and driving skill to achieve stunning speeds.

If you haven’t seen this kind of motor racing in action, then you owe it to yourself to have a closer look. At those speeds, on those highly tuned machines, low to the ground and aerodynamically slippery, the team of two must be in perfect harmony.

Think of those daring sailors leaning out to trim the balance of a racing sailboat — but over unforgiving earth instead of water.