Internet to drive census count

by Mike Isle

The ever-shifting shape of New Zealand will come under scrutiny in the 2018 census.

New Zealand holds a census every five years. The last one was in 2013 and this year it will take place on Tuesday 6 March with Statistics New Zealand aiming to collect most of the information it needs online.

In February, they will send or deliver an access code to every household in New Zealand. Each household will have a unique code. Occupiers of the household can then use that code to access and complete the census form online on or before March 6 2018.

People preferring paper forms will be able to request them after they receive their letter and access code from Statistics New Zealand, who will send them out for return post-free.

The general manager of the 2018 Census, Denise McGregor, said the census is an important event and a crucial tool in planning New Zealand’s future.

“Because the information we collect is about everyone in New Zealand, it can be used to make informed decisions and plans about services and where they are most needed. Those services include hospitals, kohanga reo, schools, roads and public transport,” she said. 

However, personal information is kept strictly private, says Ms McGregor.

“The information you share will be kept confidential by Statistics New Zealand and is protected by the Statistics Act 1975. Statistics New Zealand do not share information that can identify you as an individual with anyone.”

Everybody who is in New Zealand on census day — March 6 — should take part, and that includes tourists and visitors.

Further information on the 2018 Census can be obtained from the Statistics New Zealand website: