Community Centre gets Selwyn kids moving

by Mike Isle

Rolleston Community Centre’s Mini Gym and Baby Gym classes are proving a hit with Selwyn children.

The classes provide a safe, fun and interactive environment for young children to play, dance and engage with each other, with play circuits, music and dance activities.

Classes help children establish foundation skills for whole brain learning through these fun activities focused on motor coordination, cognitive development, concentration and improving learning skills. 

Three-year-old George from Rolleston, has been enjoying attending the classes and his mum Rebekah Johnstone says he is always asking when the next class is.

“This class is great, it gets George out socialising and having fun with other kids his age.

“It’s easy, entertaining and it’s the sort of activities you wouldn’t do at home,” Ms Johnstone says.

The programme is designed for children to move in their natural way, when they are ready. It allows them to self-direct their own learning by having the power to choose what they do. Parents and caregivers are able to support their children and encourage them by being active participants themselves. Mini Gym and Baby Gym instructor at the community centre, Tania Taylor, says getting children moving and being active is a passion of hers.

“I love watching the connections between children and their parents or caregivers, and seeing the joy on each of their faces when a child accomplishes something new.

“This is not work for me, I love it.

I think I am learning more from the children, than they’re learning from me,” Mrs Taylor says.

Each week she sets up the classes differently, with lots of different gym gear to challenge the children in different ways. Classes are $5 per child, per session.

Class times:

Mondays and Fridays, 9.30–10.15am

Mini Gym for 1–2 year olds

Mondays, 11–11.45am

Mini Gym for 2–3 year olds

Mondays, 11.45am–12.30pm

Mini Gym for 3–5 year olds

Fridays, 10.15–11am

Mini Gym for 2–5 year olds

Mondays, 10.15–11am

Baby Gym

Babies need to be able to hold their heads up for this class. Please bring a blanket.