Make the most of the season

by Andy Bryenton

The number one new year’s resolutions always involve three things, year after year. Diet, exercise — and finishing those DIY projects. Summer is the perfect time to undertake many of the tasks which would be impossible without clear weather, and despite a spot of rain recently there are still plenty of summer weeks ahead in which to get to work. 

The first thing which comes to mind is roofing. There’s literally no time like the present to get that old iron off and make sure that winter leaks simply don’t happen.

When the roof is off it’s also the perfect time to fix up and top-up insulation, or install and repair ducted extractor fans, range hoods, heat transfer systems of ventilation units. With no need to crawl in the tight ceiling space, all these in-roof conveniences can be installed in a snap, saving time and money.

This is also the time of year when water supplies are a critical factor on the farm and on rural properties. Recent rain has provided a top-up, but many tanks will still run low before autumn arrives in full force. 

If your water source comes to the tank from your roof, it’s a good season to book in a tank clean. It’s no use waiting for the tank to run dry, as tank vac specialists need a small amount of water to work with to remove all the debris which may have sluiced down from your gutters and pipes. Similarly, it’s the season to check those filtration systems — swap out your cartridges or add on ultraviolet ‘bug zapping’ technology when water sources run shallow and warm, promoting bacteria growth. Warm and dry summer conditions are also the prime time for laying concrete, for fencing, as the pad for a future construction, or to install a permanent driveway or path. 

A new year can also mean a great excuse to adopt a new style. It’s great weather for painting, and the latest interior decor fashions for 2018 are in store now at local wallpaper, paint, curtain, blind and flooring specialists. A minimalist look is beginning to return, featuring bold single feature walls and moving away from the ‘distressed chic’ and baroque influences of the mid-2010s.

Grab a catalogue, get some inspiration and finish those decorating tasks with style — another resolution ticked off the list before 2018 gets any older!