Be prepared for the holidays

by Anonymous Author

Police are asking Selwyn residents to report any suspicious activity over the festive season.

Detective Sergeant Regan Boucher said with many people heading away for the Christmas and summer holiday period, thieves are likely to take advantage of homes being empty over the next few months.

“Our staff are committed to working with our community to prevent these types of crimes and victimisations occurring, and holding those responsible to account,” Detective Sergeant Boucher said. 

“It only takes one phone call and we encourage the public to help by sharing any information they might have, no matter how trivial it may seem, as it may help police prevent a crime from taking place. 

“If the opportunity presents, and it’s safe, taking a video or photo on a smart phone can also be helpful to police.”

Detective Sergeant Boucher said any information can be reported either to police directly, or Crimestoppers anonymously.

“Anyone who does witness anyone acting suspiciously is advised not to approach them, and record any relevant details including identifiable clothing and registration numbers to pass on to police.” He said there are a number of signs which may indicate illegal activity that people should look out for.

“People repeatedly visiting specific locations at unusual times during the day and night or strange vehicles parked in rural or residential areas and the offer of a cheap item either in person or through social media or the internet for instance.”

Police are also advising Selwyn homeowners to follow this advice if they are heading away:

• Always lock up, as burglars usually enter through unlocked doors and windows or they take advantage of weak locks

• Install good quality locks

• Lock away tools and ladders, because burglars could use them to break in

• Lock garden sheds and garages

Detective Sergeant Boucher said sensor security lights are a great way to deter thieves.

“They are an excellent security device because they light up automatically if somebody moves nearby.”

He also said if people are going away for the holidays they should ask a neighbour or someone else to keep an eye on their home, business or property and arrange for someone to collect the mail.