Straw people gather

by Anonymous Author

A scarecrow made by the Lincoln University Students’ Association is the latest to strut his stuff alongside a group of other straw people outside Broadfield School.

The scarecrows, donated and sponsored by local businesses and organisations, are aimed at bringing the community together and drawing attention to the school’s 150th jubilee in March. They will be camped out on the Shands Road paddock for the next few months.

Lincoln University’s Sam the Scarecrow joins straw folk such as Flick the Fireman, Lieutenant Dan, Roger, Betsy and Trev Broadfield and even an incarnation of All Black Joe Moody.

Each scarecrow has his or her own story that relates to their organisation of origin.

Lincoln University Students’ Association manager Fiona Kay said Sam the Scarecrow is a very bright Lincoln student who loves the outdoors and wasn’t sure what he wanted to study when he first entered the university.

“He chose a broad range of subjects in his first year but has now chosen to specialise in soil science as he enjoys the practical nature of the degree.

“Sam is well on the path for his search for excellence at Lincoln University and is a Future Leader scholar.”

She said in his spare time, Sam can be found engaging in all manner of outdoor activities and is a member of the Tramping, Climbing and Hunting Club.

“He particularly enjoyed this year’s Lincoln University Garden Party.”