Rolleston College opens sustainable garden

by Samantha Asher

A sustainable garden designed and built by Rolleston College students makes extensive use of recycled materials.

The college officially opened its ‘Sustainability Garden’ on Monday. 

Fifty-five students and four teachers have taken the lead in creating the permanent garden since the start of term 3, designing, planning, building and planting the garden with the help of Rolleston businesses and community.

College Principal Steve Saville said learners have had to apply a wide range of different skills and new lessons to the project.

“Everything from woodwork skills to ecology lessons to applying maths concepts to the real world,” Mr Saville said.“The garden combines practical skills with theory and symbolises spirit values like collaboration, enterprise and innovation.” 

He said recycled materials were used to build structures, archways and seats in the garden, close to the college plaza and netball courts. 

“The recycled materials suit the sustainability theme of the garden, which also encourages college learners to grow vegetables.”

The garden contains pumpkins, zucchinis, broccoli, bok choi, cauliflowers, strawberries, raspberries and grape vines.

Mr Saville said the garden is designed as a ‘sensory garden’, with plants that cater to the senses.

“Plants you can eat and taste, flowers that you can smell and see, and a fountain and bug motel that provide noises to listen to.”