to their home town this

by Anonymous Author

Rolleston College students are bringing an unusual art exhibition to their home town this month.

A ‘post-it’ street art exhibition, created by the college’s ‘More than just a Tag’ visual art class, opens in the Rolleston Library and Community Centre on Thursday.

The ‘Post it @ the Library’ exhibition was put together in collaboration with the Selwyn District Council’s arts, culture and heritage team.

Visual art teacher Rob Ferguson said the class aims to enable students to create and interact with visual arts in a public, real world context, sharing artistic expression with the wider community.

“Learners have been inspired by contemporary street artists such as Banksy and Invader,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Street art allows art to exist in places where you wouldn’t expect it, provoking the audience to ponder on concepts outside their everyday life.”

He said each work has been carefully planned by the students.

“Beginning with research into subject matter, students created a concept grid to map out their creation pixel by pixel.

They then calculated how many post-its were required to bring their vision into the physical world.

“Some artworks have used well over 700 post-its and are up to 2.5 metres in height, with works taking three to four hours to complete,” Mr Ferguson said.

Installation of the artwork took place earlier this week and the Post it @ the Library exhibition will run through until December 22 at the Rolleston Library and Community Centre.