Selwyn schools get ready

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn District Council has launched a new resource to help children and families make sure they’re prepared for emergencies.

Council has developed an emergency preparedness booklet titled ‘What’s the Plan Stan’, which teaches children about what to do in an emergency and encourages households to make their own emergency preparedness plans.

Community Resilience coordinator Sue Jenkins said the booklet was well-received at Lincoln Primary School, where it was given to 160 Year 5 and 6 students.

“Students enjoyed visiting the Emergency Command Bus and meeting ‘Stan’, the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management mascot,” she said.

“We hope to visit more Selwyn primary schools in 2018. We are encouraging principals to make time in the busy school day to have an interactive session to discuss emergency preparedness and distribute copies of the ‘What’s the Plan Stan’ booklet.” 

The booklet is filled with fun, informative activities for children to complete relating to different scenarios which help to teach them what actions they could take to prepare and react in a real emergency situation.

“Parents are encouraged to go through the booklet with children and discuss each section and activity.”

Ms Jenkins said it is hoped many households will also take the opportunity to sign up to Selwyn Gets Ready, the district’s own emergency alert system. 

“Gets Ready is used to share emergency warnings and alerts via text and email. Over 7,000 Selwyn households are already signed up.”