Shop in sixty seconds

by Kent Caddick

Exhilarating is how West Melton’s Teresa Moore described her minute long dash around the local Four Square supermarket as her prize for winning the shop’s first birthday competition.

Ms Moore, who lives on West Coast Road with her husband Chris and their four children, was the lucky winner of the store’s ‘60 second shopping grab’ competition, with shoppers earning one entry into the competition for every $100 they spent.

She said the family moved to West Melton from the North Island two years ago for work reasons and had been shopping at the West Melton Four Square since it opened last year. “I knew the layout pretty well and the kids were pretty excited and had done some research on the internet on how best to do a shopping dash,” she said. 

“I had an idea of what I wanted but once I started it did become a matter of just grabbing what I could see. It was exhilarating.” West Melton Four Square owner Brent Little said they wanted to run the competition to thank all the local shoppers who had supported the store in its first year of operation.