At home on the range

by Andy Bryenton

When it comes time to choose a new vehicle for around the farm, the key factor is of course, how hard it can work. That’s the core of the equation that’s seen side-by-side, off-road machines rise in popularity versus more traditional quad bikes. And it’s one of the reasons that Polaris have updated their Ranger UTV to do even more.

Already a leader in its class, the Ranger 570 has been given more of pretty much everything for its latest iteration. 

That begins with more space — a seating arrangement which makes it comfortable for two proper-sized Kiwi blokes. In the gap between the wrap-around seating there’s more space up front for tools, the ever-important chilly bin or the dog.

Then there’s a rear deck with a load area approaching that of a small farm truck, complete with numerous handy tie down points and a tough, non slip tray.

No two jobs are the same however. Which is why there are so many options available to customise the Ranger 570, turning it from a serious farming tool into a machine to accompany a hunting or angling excursion.

And of course, back again after the weekend. The bible-thick catalogue contains light bars, winches, roof panels, windscreens, cabin heaters, modular waterproof storage boxes, weed and utility sprayers, wire spool holders for fencing, portable power units to run power tools, and a host of others.

With more room for crew, more room for tools, and more options to tackle any task in any weather, it’s a good thing that this latest addition to the Polaris family is also kitted out with the most important accessory of all — a 570cc, 44 horsepower engine that delivers plenty of ready power and traction to all four wheels.

With this big, farm-proven beating heart mounted centrally for better weight distribution, there’s no end to the combinations of clever extras which can turn the Ranger into a veritable Swiss army knife on knobbly rubber tyres.

They’ve sorted the ‘go anywhere’, leaving the ‘do anything’ up to your personal choice.