Rainfall boosts summer supplies

by Anonymous Author

While Selwyn water levels are high the district council is still warning local residents on council supplies to watch their water use over Summer.

Selwyn District Council’s Asset Manager Murray Washington said high rainfall during winter has meant that council is in a good position to meet increased water demand during summer. 

“There is no immediate need for mandatory water restrictions,” he said.

“However, we’re asking residents to consider changing their lawn irrigation timing to help keep the water networks stable.

“Water supplies are placed under pressure during summer as many people decide to water their lawns and gardens at the same time.

“A few simple timing changes can go a long way towards ensuring that council can continue to supply households with water over summer.” Residents on council water supplies are encouraged to water lawns between 9pm to 6am or 9am to 4pm. “These are times when households use the least water and people should avoid irrigating between 6am to 9am or 4pm to 9pm.”

He said it was important residents check weather conditions before watering. 

“Watering lawns during the middle of the day, during hot days or when a nor’ west wind is blowing results in a lot of water evaporating.

“Watering on a cooler overcast day is a better option as water has the opportunity to soak into lawns and gardens.”

Mr Washington said if demand for water increases over summer, water restrictions may be introduced requiring households to avoid watering lawns at specific times.