New haymaker a real knockout

by Andy Bryenton

Baling hay has been a big part of farming since before the era of diesel tractors — and ever since the concept of machine-driven haymaking revolutionized farming, the big green machines from John Deere have led the charge. Now their new 0 Series round balers are set to step things up a notch, delivering greater efficiency and all round performance.

“The new 0 Series Round Balers expand our portfolio of hay and silage, and now pre-cutter balers,” says Nick Weinrich, product marketing manager for hay tools for John Deere. “In fact, the 0 Series Baler line includes the highest capacity Class II and III pre-cutter round balers on the market today, and we’ll offer customers the first Class IV pre-cutter round baler available.”

The full range will include dry hay, silage and pre-cutter options for versatility across a wide range of farming applications. Key to the performance of the 0 Series — which follows on and builds on the legacy of John Deere’s very successful 9 series — is the adoption of the MegaWide HC2 feed system which delivers faster hay intake and processing, and which increases bale-making capacity per hour compared to previous models. 

It also helps operators handle a wide variety of forage material and swath sizes with ease, offering a 2.2 m pick up on both 1.21 m (4 foot) and 1.52 m (5 foot) bale models, allowing them to cover more hectares per day.

Add in further innovations such as a twin-rotor feed system for more uniform hay intake and processing, a larger diameter roller baffle system, a self-cleaning drop floor that allows the operator to remove plugs from the cab; and a third drive roll to eliminate belt slippage when the going gets tough, and you have a machine which has been refined across the board. It’s no wonder that tests have proven greater efficiency in bale density — and of course, precut material saves time at feed-out.

There’s a final trick up the 0 Series’ sleeve as well — the option to add a twin bale accumulator, which allows two fully wrapped bales to be transported even as another is being formed. Quicker pickups of multiple bales in the same place will speed up the collection process even further. 
John Deere’s latest are available to order now at your local farm implement dealership.