Boil water

by Anonymous Author

A Boil Water Notice has been placed on properties connected to the Lake Coleridge water supply. 

The Selwyn District Council is advising all households on this supply to boil their water for drinking or personal use.

A council spokesperson said a mains power outage disrupted the UV treatment system on the supply. 
“A boil water notice has been issued by council after test results were received showing that E. coli levels were above recommended levels. 

“E. coli was detected in the post-UV area of water treatment, however no E. coli has been detected in the reticulation zone. 

“The scheme is currently being chlorinated but residents are advised to continue boiling water until further notice. 

“People will need to continue to boil water until they are notified that the boil water notice is lifted.  If people show any symptoms of sickness they should visit their doctor as soon as you are able to.”  

When a boil water notice is in place, the Ministry of Health advises that people should boil or treat all water from taps before drinking, brushing teeth or using it in food preparation. In addition, water used to make ice should also be boiled before freezing. “During boil water notices, employers should also make sure their staff are only consuming boiled or bottled water at work.”

Council will continue to monitor the intake and reticulation system and keep residents informed of any updates, which will be posted online at