Voltage for victory

by Andy Bryenton

It’s already taken over the world of hybrid hypercars, where the biggest attraction on any track is the part-electric Porsche 918 or its LaFerrari rival. Next came power tools, where brushless motors and bigger, beefier batteries have spelled the end for weak performance.

But there’s been one nut that’s proven tougher to crack — the world of the back lawn. We all remember early attempts at corded electric mowers, and that stigma has meant skepticism when faced with a new breed.

Well, not any more. Victa, who know petrol mowers literally inside out, knew that they would have to exceed to succeed. To convince the public that their new range of all electric mowers were up to the standard we demand — and let’s face it, we ask our mowers to handle some pretty gnarly grass — Victa packed in more power. The result is an 82 Volt, battery powered monster that’s hungry for even the meanest lawns. That big battery pack can be charged in just half an hour and lasts long enough to clean up your average section. If that’s not enough, the mower comes with two — one can charge while the other is in use. As you can imagine, 82 volts does the business — hard-core cordless drills and other construction tools pack in 18 volts and dominate wood and metal.

So power is no issue — but there are other factors at play here as well. Imagine a mower that can be stored upright or hung up out of the way, with no fuel to leak out. Imagine, indeed, never having to fill that jerry can again to mow the lawn, or forget to do so on Friday, ruining your Saturday. No more pull starts, either, or stalls, or flooding — in fact, a fully electric mower could make taming the lawn as easy as using the old electric razor.

The last thing Victa saw as wrong with old, corded mowers — aside from getting rid of that long, tanglesome cord — was their flimsy construction. Their 82V range are made of solid steel, with a wide 21 inch cutting deck, sturdy handles, big, chunky wheels with plenty of grip and a high capacity catcher. Everything you’d expect from a top-fuel petrol mower — without the petrol. If seeing is believing, come and check out this latest step forward in lawn care soon at your local outdoor power equipment specialists.