A change of focus

by Amy Adams

We now have a new Government and, while I am personally disappointed by the result, especially in view of the strong level of support that National received from voters, I accept that this is the reality of our MMP system.

As a person who is passionate about New Zealand, I wish the new Government success.

With my experience as a Minister I know that the business of being in Government is complex. It is easy to make lofty promises. Once you look deeper into the issues, you often find that what may seem like an obvious answer has broader implications that you may not have initially considered.

When new Governments come in they often want to put their own stamp on things. Nevertheless, I strongly urge the new Government not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

For example, I hope that the work we have put in to tackle the root causes of family violence will not fall by the wayside. I would like to see the new Government take up the challenge to make New Zealand predator-free by 2050.

These are just two examples from a long list of aspirational policies that have come out of the past nine years which I sincerely hope are not discarded just for the sake of change. 

One thing that will not change, however, is that I will continue to work hard to be the most effective local MP I can be for the people of this region.

I will make sure that the impact on our region of any proposed new policies, such as reducing the availability of skilled workers for our local businesses, is voiced in Parliament.

I guess it is a bit like being a netball player who is being switched from Goal Attack, where the aim is to get the ball up the court to score goals, to Goal Defence.

Despite the change in focus, I am still playing for the same team — Selwyn.