Slow down around school buses

by Anonymous Author

With school returning for term four this week Selwyn motorists are being reminded to keep their speed down around school buses.

Many Selwyn children in both rural areas and townships throughout the district taking the bus to school, the ‘20K Either Way’ school bus campaign is under way to raise awareness of safe driving around school buses collecting or dropping off children.

Tony Rabbidge, managing director of Torlesse Travel Ltd, which operates school buses in Selwyn said bus companies are always aware of safety when buses are stopped, but it’s up to everyone driving on the road to ensure our children are safe.

“Our drivers do not open the door until they can see the road is clear on country roads,” Mr Rabbidge said.

“However, this does not work so well on the busy highways. I drive a bus every day myself and have felt frustrated with speeding vehicles passing us.” Recent reports suggest many drivers are ignoring the 20km speed limit, with some not making any attempt to slow down at all.

Drivers in a hurry who speed around a stationary school bus are a serious danger to school children getting on and off. The law in New Zealand s for drivers to drive at 20km per hour in either direction when passing a stationary school bus. This is the same rule on the open road or in town.

School road safety coordinator Stephanie Hautler, said it was important for everyone to just slow down.

“I don’t know if drivers are not aware of the law or if it’s because we’re all in a hurry, but these are potentially your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren,” she said.