It’s not really a mystery

by Anonymous Author

We’re told — usually by the scriptwriters of television comedies and the producers of romantic movies — that the question of what women want is one of the enduring puzzles of existence. And while it’s certainly true that some of the guys out there, laden down with their own chromosomatic priorities, could stand to listen a little more, the reality is that modern women can choose for themselves exactly what they want, and go for it. Men who disagree are increasingly relegated to the scrapheap of history.

In many ways it’s the free market at work, and a success for certain capital principles — in the stuffy, frankly misogynistic days of yesteryear the idea of successful businesses run by women for women was unthinkable. Then it became a novelty. Now, it’s a fact of life, and the main streets of every town are better for it — not only because choice and competition make for a better economy.

Take a look at just this one page, displaying a few of the choices available in the Selwyn district. It’s a cross section of ways to look and feel better, keep fit, enjoy special occasions and the great outdoors and get creative. Part of the message here is that locals need not travel far from home to have access to some top quality service.

The rest of the story continues all across this paper, week after week. That’s the fact that we’re not surprised anymore to see advertisements and stories about women who are lawyers or engineers, racing drivers, pilots, doctors and artists, to name but a few.

These kind of facts would once have been on the front page — so society has certainly progressed. 

It was the inventor of the light bulb, Edison, who once said “You know you’ve struck on something when you make the front page news. You know you’ve made a business out of it when you’re among the advertisements’. And while issues like equal pay across genders, and the balance of male and female board members continue, we are definitely at a time and place where what women want is what all people want — the choices and opportunities to live life to the fullest.