Small stature, big results

by Andy Bryenton

Even the smallest lifestyle block demands something more than just a traditional lawn mower, which is why so many owners of the classic ‘few acres in the country’ opt for a powerful ride-on to tame the grass. But there are other chores which abound on the land, especially if you’re taking the plunge into running a small amount of stock, or if your land is more wild and rugged than you’d like.

That’s when the allure of joining the big boys and buying a real farm tractor becomes appealing. But many lifestyle block owners will freely admit that such an investment is a bit beyond what’s truly necessary. A big tractor can be a daunting machine to learn to drive especially if you’re coming to the ‘hot seat’ later in life. Now, however, there’s a happy medium which may just tick all the boxes. The smallest tractor in New Zealand is also, paradoxically, the beefiest lawn tractor, and it comes in any colour you like so long as it’s orange.

Kioti’s CS2210 is called a ‘sub compact’, and that’s because it weighs in smaller than some big zero-turn mowers. The classic setup for this machine is to fit a large slasher-mower to its central PTO and immediately begin smashing out neatly clipped paddocks.

Of course it will also handle pulling a trailer, carting sprayer equipment and even mounting a dozer blade up front.

A powerful water cooled diesel engine developing 21 horsepower gets plenty of torque to those wide, soil-friendly tyres. But it’s beyond the realm of mowing where this step-up from the traditional lawn tractor to a real farming machine shines.

That’s because the baby Kioti can handle a full range of tractor sized tools. 

Post hole borers, stump grinders, power harrows, disc cultivators — if you want your few acres to do more, there’s a whole utility knife of functions which can bolt on to the three point hitch at the back of this little machine. What’s even better is the classic combo that will fulfill nearly all the chores around your block or small farm — the full ‘JCB’ pattern with a big utility bucket scoop at the front and an articulated backhoe behind.

Snap on this combination and feeding out, moving bark and gravel, trenching and drain clearance suddenly becomes a much easier task, all with the help of a machine you initially considered as just the biggest and best high-acreage mower on the market.