Getting back to nature

by Anonymous Author

Spring is a time of riotous growth in the garden, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate all aspects of what just might be the oldest pastime in the world. Gardening is what allowed us to settle down and build villages and towns. It’s what feeds the world. And it’s also a great way to get closer to nature, developing a little slice of Eden in your own backyard. That’s why Yates, the Kiwi garden supply company, are supporting National Garden week this October.

This year’s National Gardening Week is about more than just getting your hands dirty and cultivating nature. It’s a chance to meet new people in your neighbourhood and community by helping out at your local community garden project, or simply by sharing some gardening time with friends and neighbours. There’s also a practical environmental purpose — giving bees the sustenance they need to thrive. Right now these busy garden helpers need all the assistance they can get from us humans, and establishing yellow and purple flowering plants gives them a nectar boost.

There’s also a note of healthy living and self sufficiency in this week-long celebration of spring. Planting veges means growing fresh organic produce for the table, cutting back on grocery bills and achieving that five plus a day in a very satisfying way. Nothing tastes better than what you’ve grown yourself.

To celebrate National Gardening Week, Yates is giving away free vege seeds between 1st and 13th October.

Just register online during this time to receive your packet of seeds.

To help make this occasion even more fun, Yates have also donated two hampers of garden essentials for us to give away right here in the Record. Each one is worth $100 and contains a range of seeds and fertilisers to establish a whole garden of your own. To enter, search through this week’s Record and find the FIVE sunflower icons. Email us the page numbers they are hidden on along with your name and phone number to We’ll draw two lucky winners who will each take home a Yates hamper.