Celebrating the golden years

by Andy Bryenton

There’s great news for those over 65 in today’s society — we’re not only living longer than ever before thanks to advancements in medicine and science, but we’re also able to expect more ‘life in your years’ — more activity, more engagement with the community and more things to see and do to make the retirement years an adventure.

Celebrating this fact — and the valuable contribution of older citizens to the world — is the International Day of the Older Person, falling this year on October 2nd. Coinciding with this worldwide day of acknowledgement and respect for our elders comes another tradition, this one more localised. The 11th annual Positive Aging Expo is about to kick off in Papanui, filling the central high school with exhibits that are all about quality of life and healthy options for our over 65’s.

Age Concern Canterbury are joining forces with a wealth of experts and businesses to present a day of education and new choices, showcasing the best ways to enjoy a better retirement. No matter your age, the message is clear — you’re never too old to get the most out of life! As in previous years, there will be interactive displays and advice on a broad spectrum of topics, from nutrition to fitness, hobbies and clubs to engage with, transport and the freedom of mobility, safety, recreation and more.

From 9am through to 2.30pm the high school’s assembly hall will become a place of information and education not for our youngest citizens but for our most experienced, in a powerful metaphor for another keystone of the expo — life long learning.

Come along and get involved, there’s so much to see and do, and great news to take on board about how to make the golden years a great time to be alive. In fact, the organisers extend a warm invitation to the whole family to celebrate the International Day of the Older Person in a way which carries on its message throughout the year.