Selwyn’s progress easy to see

by Amy Adams

As this will be my last column for The Record before the upcoming election it seems timely to reflect on what has been happening here in Selwyn during the past three years.

Some of the changes that have occurred in Selwyn since the last election are easy to see, such as the four new schools and many new classrooms which have been built, and the extension to the Southern Motorway which is altering the landscape between Halswell and Rolleston.

Other changes are less visible but just as important, such as the improved broadband services and cellphone coverage that many of our residents now have access to.

This is also the case for some of the things that have made the most difference to local families and small businesses, including free visits to the doctor for children under 13 and reduced ACC levies.

Our communities are thriving and it is one of the greatest rewards for me when I visit local schools to see healthy, engaged students, so enthusiastic about their learning and proud of their new learning environments.

I also love getting out and about and meeting business owners and hearing their positivity at how the local and national economy is performing, enabling them to expand and employ more staff.

It has been especially heartening for me to see our communities putting the effects of the Canterbury earthquakes to rest with the opening of a number of fantastic new community facilities around Selwyn to replace those that were damaged.

While Selwyn is a region in its own right we do also share facilities based in Christchurch city with the wider Canterbury region. For this reason it has also been great to see some of these projects completed, such as the new Burwood hospital, with others well underway.