Ready to vote

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn voters are being urged to take hard look at political promises this election.

With just under a fortnight until the General Election on September 23, Fish & Game is urging voters to take a good look at which political parties will do the most to improve the environment and recreational access to the outdoors.

Chief executive Bryce Johnson said the environment has emerged as one of the top issues of the 2017 election, with some media commentators even dubbing it the environment election.

He said public concern over the environment, particularly water, has been building for years.

“The state of the country’s rivers, lakes and streams has been worrying people for years and their frustration at the lack of action and continued abuse of our waterways is now readily apparent.

“Water quality is now one of the key issues that voters will consider before they cast their vote.

“Fish & Game urges voters to consider the merits of each and every party’s environmental policy with a critical eye before voting.”

Mr Johnson said access to the outdoors and the purchase of prime recreational areas by overseas buyers is also proving to be a significant issue for New Zealanders.