The green, green grass of home

by Anonymous Author

We all know lawns add value to our homes, provide that outdoor space to lie and relax on, and are a key area for kids and dogs to play on. 

When it comes to new lawn it all happens in the root department, good soil preparation is paramount.

This involves removing any weeds or debris from existing lawns, cultivating new beds to five to ten centimetres and levelling out the areas ready for seeding.

Remember if it’s a larger area, you need to ensure there is a slope on the grassed area so water doesn’t pool and worse still puddle.

One of the best ways to ensure success is to spread an even layer of lawn preparation mix on top of the soil.

Sowing lawn seed is the cheapest way to establish a lawn and it’s easier than you think, so once the soil preparation is done, choose a fast growing seed.

Under good conditions, warm weather and a little rain, new grass seedlings will appear within a week.

Remember to fence off newly sown areas from the dogs, cats and children. 

Even through the grass appears quickly it takes a couple of months to be fully established.

Simply scatter seed in an east to west direction then a north to south direction to ensure an even spread. Rake in lightly to ensure seed is covered. Water lightly and keep moist on a daily basis during the germination period.

Like people, lawns need plenty to eat and drink. A thick, lush lawn stops weeds from establishing and insects from deciding to use it as a home base.

The trick with feeding a lawn is only to use specific lawn fertiliser. This will ensure a blend of all the right nutrients to promote a healthy robust and long term lawn. Over winter and autumn, the ground temperature drops dramatically, and it can cause lawns to suffer.

Before the coldest months arrive, get rid of any lawn weeds. There are a good number of products available to help you do this.

Lift the height of your lawn mower so you do not cut the grass so short.

Longer grass keeps the soil a little warmer and the grass greener.